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Studioseven Services

Studioseven has diversified into six specific sectors: Conference & Events, Audio Visual Productions, Studio Facilities & TV Productions, Design & Marketing, Sales & Distribution and Equipment Rentals. We have affiliated with global organisations and partnered with world renowned brands to provide our clients with the most professional service, technical support and creative solutions Malta has to offer.

The Studioseven Team

Our team is a hive of talent. From creative minds to technical wizards. Calm, cool, collective coordinators to precision logistics and installation crews. We have a great mix of grey haired knowledge and energetic youth. We are customer driven when we say – flexible, innovative, reliable. A passionate team – a quality you will see in our work.

Studioseven Projects

View some recent and always successful projects

V.I.P. Inaugural Event

Project Description

Actavis Pharmaceuticals

Project Management, Set Design & Construction, Screen & Front Projection, Sound, Lighting & Audio Visual Production, On-site Branding, Invitation Design

Inauguration of New Warehouse Premises

The opening ceremony of a €13 million, state-of-the-art warehouse facility is an important event. With a guest list of international company representatives and local Government dignities, such as the Prime Minister, this was truly a VIP event. Studioseven pitched and won the project with a massive eye-popping installation representing an Actavis product pack as the set design. The design complimented the industrial setting and also functioned as a projection screen to support the key speakers message. The 150 distinguished guests were then whisked to a catered reception area while VIP’s took a formal tour and held a brief press conference.

Kick-off to a New Year

Project Description

Business & Nature (Germany)

Project Management, Set Design & Construction, Sound, Lighting & AV Support, Projection Screen, x2 20K Lumen’s Projectors, Furniture & Ambient Lighting

Annual EMEA Conference and Awards Night – Jan. 12th-16th, 2014

German company, Business & Nature, sourced Studioseven to assist with one of their most valued clients with a conference and incentive trip to Malta. During the five pack filled days we worked together to coordinate the various casual meeting schedule for the 180 delegates. We designed & constructed an impressive 13m screen backdrop and provided all trusses and technicians for sound, lighting and audio visual material. An important motivational speaker was recorded, edited and supplied on DVD at the request of the client. The event came to a wonderful finale with a special awards night enjoyed by all international attendees and clients.

10 Years Strong

Project Description

Multigas Ltd. – Malta (L. Farrugia & Sons Ltd.)

Project Consultation & Management, Audio Tour Guide Equipment, Set Design & Construction, Wall Projections, Sound & Lighting, Audio Visual Corporate Video

10 Year Anniversary – Open Day Event

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the state-of-the-art facility, Multigas wanted to give back to it’s employees, their families and the surrounding community. With Studioseven’s guidance we coordinated a fun and educational day long event. Packed with walking tours, demonstrations and activities, attendees of all ages were educated about Multigas and the products it produces. In the evening the facilities parking area was transformed into a VIP red carpet event. Management, employees, clients and suppliers were invited for relaxed drinks and hors d’oeuvres. Top management speeches and acknowledgements came to a close with a corporate video projected on the facade of the plant. The whole day was a complete success and achieved all it set out to do – educate, stimulate and celebrate.

The Synergy Games

Project Description

Stryker – Creative Spirit (France)

Project Management, Set Construction, Sound, Lighting & Audio Visual, Screen & Back Projection, Simultaneous Interpretation, Custom Carpet

International Sales & Marketing Conference – Feb. 10th-14th, 2014

Creative Spirit, a French conference & events company, needed a local Maltese provider to assist with their client Stryker. They confidently chose Studioseven. Working in tandem we helped coordinate the conference for 180 international delegates. We built the stage and set to the clients design guidelines and custom made a ‘running track’ carpet in keeping with the athletic theme. We supplied all trusses, sound, lighting, audio visual, hardware technicians and two translation booths with 50 simultaneous interpretation systems for the Chinese delegation. The result was a flawless conference and two very happy clients.

An Interesting Perspective

Project Description

The Valletta Waterfront

Location Scouting, 2-Day On-Location Filming, Head Mounted DSLR Camera Set-up, Hair, Make-up, Models, Editing & Post-Production, Motion Graphics

Point-of-view TV Commercial

The Studioseven Design & Marketing team pitched a TV commercial concept to the client who loved and approved it. However it meant the Audio Visual Production team had problem to solve. The solution – simple. Custom build a head mounted camera set-up which our POV actor (cameraman) could manoeuvre. Each scene was painstakingly selected and manicured to project the activities and experiences of our ‘hero’. The results were a fun, friendly, day-in-the-life, at The Valletta Waterfront, from the viewers perspective. The TV campaign was also supported by traditional print media and innovative social media. We encouraged Facebook users to upload and post their own point-of-view videos or selfies, the best winning great prizes.

View TVC

Proud History

Project Description

The Malta Limestone Heritage

Location Scouting, Camera Crane & Tracks, HD Camera Technology, Film Editing Production, Sound Editing Production, DVD Duplication & Printing

Corporate DVD

Two solid weeks of footage was taken in creating the Limestone Heritage corporate DVD. Studioseven filmed from dusk till dawn all over the Maltese Islands to explain the geological make-up of the islands, as well as the fascinating tales that trace the progress of Maltese culture and limestone throughout the ages. Whether hand-held, tripod, tracks or camera crane, we cut no corners when it comes to great direction and gorgeous shots. The resulting footage produced a 30min story, edited with expert sound and burnt to DVD and mass produced in rock solid quality. It has become the ideal souvenir for the newest and most interesting attractions in Malta.

A Night to Remember

Project Description

Chris X Weddings and Events

Location Photography, Infinity Wall Studio, DSLR Camera Filming, Stock Music Compilation, Sound Editing Production, Motion Graphics & 3D Animation

Private Summer Party Wall Mapping Projection Video – Aug. 27th, 2014

Chris X, a local event organiser, wanted his clients VIP party to be a highlight of the summer. While the Studioseven’s Conference & Events team supplied club quality sound and cool ambient lighting on the night, the Audio Visual Production team created an impressive wall mapping video to get the party started. The location was photographed, measured and recreated on the computer so that we could see how we could play its architecture. We then created an energetic music compilation and recorded two go-go dancers which were then supported with motion graphics for a truly high energy video, that when projected on the night, really got the crowd jumping.

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Doorway to the Med.

Project Description

The Valletta Cruise Port

Location Scouting, Script Writing Services, x2 HD Camera Teams, Film & Sound Production, Motion Graphics & 3D Animation, Editing & Post-Production

Corporate DVD

The Valletta Cruise Port, asked us to create a corporate presentation that would highlight the exceptional, state-of-the-art services they provide to international cruise liner operators. To captured the entire cruise liner operations, facilities and activities we shot from dusk till dawn during the peak summer months. The two month long project encapsulated every aspect of the port. We shot time-lapse footage of vessels entering the Harbour and filmed from high in the bastions walls, directly onto the ship decks. The final edit took our team two weeks to bring to fruition. We know this corporate presentation represents the client with confidence, professionalism and vision.

Orchestrated to Perfection

Project Description

APS Bank – Christopher Muscat (Composer), GEGA (Producers)

On-Location Digital Audio Recording, Sound Editing Production, CD Mastering, CD Duplication

Recording of ‘Stabat Mater’ CD by The Malta Philharmonic Orchestra

For the second consecutive year APS Bank (Malta) and GEGA New Music Company (Bulgaria) entrusted Studioseven for the recording of the second national music competition organised for local composers. The winning composer, Christopher Muscat, conducted a total of 65 musicians, 150 ensemble choir accompanied by Soprano, Charlene Portelli and Cantor, Josef Bugeja. To-date, it is the largest recording session ever held in Malta. The CD consisted of 56 audio tracks and was recorded in a temporary studio set-up at the Xara Lodge which Studioseven constructed and equipped with state-of-the-art recording hardware and software. Studioseven’s sound engineers, recorded the music sessions over 3 days whilst the editing of the complete production then took another 3 weeks. Studioseven then burnt and printed 1,000 CD’s, which soon sold-out. Studioseven were then entrusted with final live performance of the production at the St. Paul’s Metropolitan Cathedral in Mdina. Needless to say the gala night was a huge success as was the entire project. We look forward to next year's production!

A Fabulous Festival

Project Description

The Malta Short Film Festival 2014

Set Design, Sound Stage Recording, Lighting & Audio, Brand Identity, Animated Projections, Camera Crane, Editing & Post-Production, Final Awards Night Event

Every Friday @ 9:45pm to 10:45pm on TVM – July to Sept. 2014

For the 3rd consecutive year Studioseven produced the acclaimed Malta Short Film Festival. As with the previous years, no department was left unturned. The logistics team constructed the slick set which included a massive screen backdrop. Three projectors projected motion graphics created by the design department who also created the overall branding. Filmed over 2 days, the 5 man camera crew were supported by 6 strong in the control room. Editors and producers then chopped and mixed the footage to perfection. The conference & events team then finally brought it all together for the gala final awards night which was recorded on location.

VIMEO Channel

70,000 Viewership

Project Description


Project Management, On-Location Recording, Programme Intro. & Graphics, HD Cameras, Lighting and Audio Recording, Editing & Post-Production, Prepared and Distributed to TV Broadcast

Every Sunday @ 6:45pm to 7:30pm

on TVM – Oct. 2014 to Mar. 2015

L-Irkant is the brainchild of Studioseven. Directed and produced from start to finish by the Studioseven Broadcast Media team. Now in it’s 2nd season this auction and antiques show has a following of 70,000 viewers and still growing. TVM, Malta’s National TV Station, acknowledged the shows quality by investing in more valued air time. For 2015 L-Irkant has tripled the number of programmes, doubled the duration of the show and it’s Monday 10pm time slot has been elevated to Sunday prime time. All indications that L-Irkant is a TV show success story.

YouTube Channel

The #1 Saturday Show

Project Description

Sibtek (Generation Media)

Sound Stage Studio, Floor Direction, Lighting & Audio Recording, HD Cameras, Camera Crane, CG, CCU, Editing & Post-Production, Prep for TV Broadcast

Every Saturday @ 12:45pm to 3:45pm

on TVM – Oct. to Jun. (2009 – 2014)

Local production company, Generation Media, have entrusted Studioseven for the past five years, with their TV programme – Sibtek. During these past years Generation Media and the Studioseven’s TV Production team have worked tirelessly to make it what it is today – the most popular Saturday afternoon TV show in Malta! Sibtek is a 3-hour show, jam-packed with discussions, interviews and fashion segments as well as live entertainment. The shows success has required the producers to expand their live studio audience area, this hasn’t been a problem for Studioseven since it is recorded in Studio #1, the largest sound stage on the Maltese Islands.

Back by Popular Demand

Project Description

StyleWatch (Fashion Talk Show)

Infinity Wall Studio Recording, HD Cameras, Lighting and Audio Recording, Editing & Post-Production

Internet TV Production – 2014

Back by popular demand. StyleWatch first aired on Maltese TV in 2011. Presented by two names synonymous with the Maltese fashion scene its popularity was high. However, being on television meant there were a number of restrictions with respect to language and mention of brands and the show came to an end in spring 2012. Inevitably StyleWatch’s facebook page continued to entertain its followers until the presenters then realized that they could achieve the freedom they desired by going online. Using Studioseven’s infinity wall studio, the client created a simple but stylish set. We introduced a projection on perspex to create the split screen effect when critiquing fashion outfits. Recorded as short episodes, the show has again become a hit.

YouTube Channel

You Know It’s Time

Project Description

Actavis – Beacita

TV Commercial & Radio (Maltese & English), Print Media, Microsite, Facebook and YouTube Channel

Advertising & Marketing Campaign

Actavis approached Studioseven to mastermind the product launch of a new over-the-counter weight loss medication. After performing a market analysis, the Studioseven team realized that the target audience was actually themselves - people in their late 20s to early 40s who felt they needed to lose some kilos. This led to the ‘crossroads’ idea based on the small events in our daily lives that cause us to question our health and happiness. “You know it’s time!” became our battle cry for the campaign, which depicted these daily situations we all face. The result was a campaign that spoke to the target audience in an intelligent, informative manner yet with humour and relevance.

View TVC


Project Description

Carmelo Delia

TV Commercials, Radio, Print Media & Facebook

Advertising & Marketing Campaign

Studioseven presented this established furniture supplier with a creative concept & marketing proposal to increase their market share. We proposed to reposition the brand to be more in-tune with first-time home owners. We developed a 360º campaign which spoke to a young target audience in a fun, MTV-ish style using budget conscious motion graphics. With the audience defined we developed the ‘Combination’ concept which was playful but also informative. The campaign transcended effectively into all media platforms. We even created a Facebook competition which encouraged the audience to submit their own ‘Combination’ ideas. This increased the clients Facebook fan base by 2,500 while the overall campaign increased its brand recognition significantly.

View TVC's

Positioned with Purpose

Project Description

Harmony Marine Shipbrokers

Corporate Identity, Corporate Stationery Pack, Company Website, e-Marketing Campaigns

Branding & Print and Digital Media

Studioseven was instrumental in establishing the brand positioning and brand image of a start-up shipbroker agency. The director, a proud man with over 30 years in the maritime industry, knew he needed to embrace new technology but still wanted to instil the integrity of his business approach. We brought the two together by modernising a traditional maritime symbol to create the identity. We developed a dynamic, CMS website which functioned as a showcase of the vessels the Company handles. We established a strong brand voice and a B2B marketing plan to insure we spoke to the maritime industry and his valued network in the directors own tone. The result was a project which really reflected the directors personality and the direction of the company.

View Website

Re-Branded Yearly

Project Description

The Malta Short Film Festival

Brand Identity, Set Design, TV Show Intro., Projection Artwork, Animations & Motion Graphics, Facebook Page, VIMEO Channel, e-Marketing Campaign

Festival Brand Identity 2012 to 2014

A film festival attracts a very creative and opinionated audience so Studioseven’s Design & Marketing team set a goal to redefine and rebrand the festivals image year after year. This helped generate a fresh buzz and quenched the creative audiences thirst for new creative concepts. The 2012 concept was to combine a traditional and contemporary viewpoint. We gave tribute to the many diverse film genres in 2103, while 2014, we acknowledged a traditional, dying, Maltese art form. These simple creative seeds grew into typographic brand identities which then developed into the dynamic storyboard and executions for the programme introduction. The MSFF has become a true test of Studioseven’s creative process.

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Business or Pleasure

Project Description

Whether it’s business or pleasure, we have the professional products and equipment, personnel and expertise available to rent and assist in your event, meeting or special occasion.

Equipment Available to Rent:
• Simultaneous Interpretation & Discussion
• Video Conference & Live Streaming
• Wireless Interactive Voting System
• Conference & Set Lighting Equipment
• Staging & Construction
• Multi Display Projections
• Speakers & PA Systems
• Smoke, Haze & Special Effects
• Monitors & Large Format Screens
• Event Furniture & Accessories
• Outdoor Power Generator

View Marquee Tent

Don't listen to us. Listen to what our clients have to say!

In a final note I hope we work with you in the future, I have done this event in Ibiza and Sardinia in the last two years and can honestly say it was the best support we have had from a local hire/production company. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending you to other production companies who are coming to Malta in future and would be delighted to work with you again on other future work for DRP Events.

Gareth Brown - DRP Group
I would also like to thank your team for all the work they did for us. I work abroad a lot and it's not always easy working with other AV companies but your team were easy to deal with and very professional at all times.

Michael Vermaak - Missing Link
Thanks again for your excellent, flexible,  professional services! It was a pleasure working with Studio7. You have made our Malta event a great success!! Whenever our company returns to Malta for any upcoming events, I will make sure that Studio7 will be our preferred supplier.

Paul Schulte - KFP Five Star Conference Service
We would like to thank all the Studioseven team for their hard work during our event - we could not have done it without you! You have been so helpful and so easy to work with.

Ieva Indriunaite - Projects & Programmes Manager
We have been working with Studioseven for the past years and never had any regrets. The feedback so far from our customers has been very positive thanks to their professional filming and creative editors.

Radi Abd EL HajCEO
The talent, dedication and expertise of the Studioseven team these past three years have enhanced the aesthetic and technical quality of the Malta Short Film Festival which is broadcast every year on TVM. Teaming up with Studioseven has given our festival the image and professionalism of a top notch international television production and enabled the Malta Film Foundation to continue to offer a platform for film makers from all over the world and compelling viewing for our thousands of television audiences each week.

Joyce GrechExecutive Producer
Usually the planning of a naming ceremony takes 4-8 months. In this particular instance we only had 4 weeks. Studioseven was essential in creating and carrying out this very successful event.

Marianne H. WangIntranet Manager
Studioseven provided us with insightful ideas for our video production. They are professional in their field and can be trusted to turn any project they work on into a great success.

Daphne TaboneMarketing Executive
Studioseven provided an excellent production. Your work has been major medium in our rebranding process. Studioseven’s analytical approach and attention to detail is commendable.

Anna Maria Cardona SchranzInternational Business Executive
You guys were awesome as ever, and it is always such a pleasure working with you knowing that everything will be taken care of, will work first time and will be done with such an ever present smile!

Ian Harvey-PiperManaging Director
Studioseven did a wonderful job in supplying a great service up to installing all the system for me to control and monitor from one area. Even when I faced challenges, they were there to deliver great support!

Matthew DegiorgioDirector
Our special thanks to the Studioseven team for the wonderful job they are doing on our daily and weekly TV productions. We are delighted with how each programme is being presented to our viewers.

Ryan Borg & Josmar GattTV Show Producers
Everything that you read and see on the Studioseven website is true in real life. From start to finish we had numerous challenges to face and nothing stopped them to deliver what was promised!

Sophie Ailyati SingletonELT Sales
Studioseven is very effective in understanding our marketing and advertising needs and they have proven themselves to come up with a 360 degree, cost effective, creative advertising & marketing solutions.

Mario GauciDirector
The MIA worked with the Studioseven on the recently held Annual General Meeting. Moreover the entire team was helpful, courteous and willing to go that extra mile in order to ensure that the outcome of our event was the one we desired.

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